Thursday, September 27, 2018


A Poet and a Hip-Hop Head combined to create a group called UndeniablyGenuine or UNG, who has a universal sound that’s infectiously hypnotic to the masses. No song similar, and all songs have a cross-over feel, is what you get when you listen to any track of UNG. Alphonso “Loopy” Washington, is the poetic, music business-minded and studio engineering expertise, collaborates with Michael “Scripture” Ross, the visionary, social-media, and creative music writer to give you the genuine music that can be admired for years to come. “Our music is not dated. You can listen to it for many years and it will still be relevant.” UNG is not only genuine in music, they are recognizable figures in their community as activists with charitable works in aiding with the 4th of July BBQ at the Providence House, Giving Thanksgiving dinners to needy families, Giving Christmas presents at University Health 5th floor the children wing, Creswell soccer league sponsorship, and fans for the elderly during summer time.  It's proof that this group is UNDENIABLYGENUINE.


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