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Saturday, July 20, 2019

#GODIFY PRESS RELEASE : Check The #Interview with #NucciReyo & Mark Bullock aka #MrIdea

For Immediate Release: 

Mark “Mr.Idea” Bullock invests With Nucci Reyo aka “The King’sKid” in creating a new #MusicStreamingService that caters to a Christian audience & it's called Godify.

I'm proud to announce that in association with #GOODFELLAZTV I will be working directly  with this amazing new  streaming service & it will be on the same level as Tidal, Apple Music, & Spotify. 
Yes a #TheCleanStream has finally arrived serving a Christian music consumer audience. The marketing campaign will be totally organic. Our network will be dedicated to empower all  indie artists,  signed artists, & sponsors. We are inviting Corporate Sponsors to begin partnerships with this platfom with high hopes they see the value in  supporting clean music. 
Our mission is to get them exposure on a worldwide #MusicDistribution platform. We will be able to expand their reach so they can connect with our U.S. & Overseas audience.
  Godify will empower millions of artists & listeners  as we embrace the great the spirit of helping others and  sharing resources.  Keeping the organic integrity of this platform will bring unlimited growth & success. 
We want to teach artists how to connect with new fans, & stay committed to bringing quality music to this platform.

The signature & most attractive difference of the #GODIFY platform is it will forever be known as a "Clean Music Stream For Christian Ears" and artists in other genres are also encouraged to submit #CleanMusic.
As #Godify launches this #TheCleanVersionCampaign our network hopes it will inspire artists to keep their content so fresh & so clean clean for generations to come.
Godify hits the music scene with a fresh perspective on organic unity, growth, happiness & success.  I am proud to be in partnership with this amazing outlet & im #1000Percentent this will be the next  big major distribution platform.
 if you know of any Christian Artists or artists recording clean songs  please share this to help us gain more exposure & We want to introduce this to our U.S. & Overseas Audiences

 Lets unite & share because it creates opportunity &  endless resources.

Let's support each others passion!!!


 GODIFY was  Created by Nucci Reyo, “The King’s Kid” and
former Platinum recording “ghostwriter” for Sean P. Diddy Combs, stated, “this is
revolutionary for Christians...Godify will finally be a Christian platform able to compete
with Larger Streaming Services, such as Spotify or Netflix. I knew funding would be key so
I decided to bring in Mark Bullock as a partner.” Mark Bullock, known as “Mr. Idea” works
with many investors and inventors in developing successful businesses. Mark stated, “I
instantly knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I’ve created many apps, but this
will be my masterpiece.”

Godify solves many problems including children's content protection. Many parents
complain that it’s impossible to protect their children from seeing unfiltered content.
Children are subject to more sex, violence, and explicit language than ever before. Nucci
states, “With Godify, you can download it, give it to your child and walk away with peace of
mind.” Godify also offers videos and movies. Mark states, “If I had to describe us, I would
say image YouTube, Netflix and Apple Music being one combined clean streaming service.
That’s what Godify is!”


Godify is gaining momentum and attention as its recognized as the first Major Christian
Platform. Rutgers University and Princeton University are amongst the first to
acknowledge the breakthrough in accomplishing such a daunting task. Mark mentioned in
the Rutgers interview, “Major financial backing has been the only hindrance in launching a
major christian platform and now that’s over.
Godify is a household name for now and the

Godify officially launches December 6, 2019. Visit www.GodifyStreams.com for more

Check this interview & take a peek into the future : #InStudio Interview from #RutgersUniversity  which is  also

My oldest daughters Alma Mater.

This post is also A #ProudDadMoment! 

Thank you for the Support.


Visit www.GodifyStreams.com for more

#futureguru100 & #GoodfellazTV welcomes you to The #CleanVersionCampaign!


Saturday, July 13, 2019

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Carrie Cleveland 'Looking Up Re-Release presented by Kalitta Records

Here is an amazing story i'd like to share wqith you all. 
An #IndieLabel named #KalittaRecords recently signed  Carrie Cleveland to re-release some songs she recorded in the 70's.
#CarrieCleveland is a woman now in her 70s & i'm feeling proud to help her son support his moms legacy because her vinyl records were becoming so requested & rare.
There is strong demand for her c & #KalittaRecords has offered her & her son a sweet deal to re-release songs & bring awareness the catalog of a #LivingLegend coming

#California should be proud of this family, their legacy, & their contribution to the Oakland music scene since the 70's .
I'm proud & honored to have been asked by her son @HestonCleveland to roll out the PR & Marketing for the music catalog.

Im doing a music distribution campaign for all the Streaming links.
At this time all we ask is you accept our invite, take a time out, & listen a few great soulful tunes.

Thanks 4 Listening!


Are You Ready for this
re-release???? 🎧👀
Take a listen to #CarrieCleveland 'Looking Up'
Presented by #KalitaRecords 📀

📺 Official #YouTubeChannel  https://youtu.be/c6U0RLN3w50]]] 

Kalitta Records has just released a definitive discography of Carrie Cleveland. it's an expanded LP of her 1978 album 'Looking Up' including extra songs & promotional versions of another popular single 'Make Love To Me.

Born in Shreveport, Louisiana, on 4th January 1941 and raised in Oakland, California from the age of seven, Carrie Cleveland’s upbringing was, as she notes, “typical for a household full of kids”. Raised as part of a close-knit family from the south and surrounded by nine brothers and sisters, her home was an environment of constant happenings and noise. Yet, as she recalled to me in January 2018, music was not in fact her main focus or ambition during her childhood or adolescent periods. Carrie’s musical aspirations only truly developed later after meeting her future husband Bill Cleveland in 1961. As she notes, “I always enjoyed music, but I didn’t really start until I met my husband Bill”. It is this tale of a musical partnership between a visionary husband and a talented wife with an extraordinary voice ... 

*Click Here to Read More on Carrie Cleveland ---> https://www.kalitarecords.co.uk/product/carrie-cleveland-looking-up-the-complete-works-lp-7-bundle/

Saturday, June 15, 2019

#IndieGrindSpotlight : FA$E 'I'ma Hustla' Video Now On #YouTube : #FASE

MTV Jams Artist FA$E, from Thizz Nation hits us with another Underground SLAP as a Follow Up to FA$E & Mac Duna's MTV KolaB "Heemin" Featuring Mac Dre & Tech N9ne.

"I'ma Hustla" is FA$E's 1st Solo Musik Video, & with guest cameo's from Known artists Like B-Legit, Mac Duna & Kokane it's Klear to see this young new artist rubs shoulders with some well known Factors in the game!

With well thought out Bars, and a captivating delivery FA$E gives the streets what they Been missing........REAL Shit, Sprinkled with Game.#ThizzNation #RealOnesOnly #FreshOutTheWash #Customgrow420.
Guest Cameos include B-Legit, Mac Duna, Kokane, SwisherSleep, Jollie Ollie(Customgrow420)

FASE ON TWiTTER @thizzinwitfase1


Saturday, June 1, 2019

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Sunday, May 12, 2019

#IndieGrindSpotlight on #Tyeleez aka Tye Da CEO 'GRIND UP A CHECK' ft Murk Gz

Born Tonia Saffore in Grand Rapids Michigan Tye Da CEO has decided to make her own way in the game by starting her own label Tyeland Ent. Her talents include rapping, writing music, & marketing. Tye Da CEO is looking for a distribution deal & she already has her city on lock. Now she is establishing a presence on the internet & in other markets like Atlanta & California. Her drive & ambition is what seperates her from other female rappers. She has been selling her CDs independently from the streets to the interenet & she has also unselfishly mentored some up an coming artists.
Keep your eye on this rising star.