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#IndieGrindOnline : Spotlight on @DreadBang (#Music)

E.Brock and Dino tha Don joined together in December 2014 to form the Hip Hop Rap Group "Dread Bang. DJ Fusion of Violator DJs said that "E.Brock and Dino tha Don have the hit of the summer with Dread Bang”

E.Brock and Dino tha Don released an album on Sept 20 2016 called RESUME. They have been performing throughout Las Vegas and Southern California to promote the album and “Dread Bang” which is the first single. They recently performed at the Coast to Coast audition and the Summer Jam audition in Las Vegas and took first place. They have also been on multiple radio shows promoting the album as well as “Dread Bang”. They have also  performed on the Summer Jam Tour in Seattle, Washington with many top name performers in music. They currently are available through all social media outlets as well as their music can be heard on the web site

Saturday, September 9, 2017

#ArtCraftEmaculate LLC 2017 #PressRelease via #1000Network Media

Phenom Radio has supported the 
multi-talanted Artist/Producer A.C.E outta the Newark Bricks & Irvington area of Jersey  for more than 5 years now & we recognize his unselfishness & humble attitude toward building his brand. 
We support his grind & we see him as a valuable resource to our network. Build up your networking portfolio with #ArtCraftEmaculate LLC.



🎼What Made You Want To Start Art Craft Emaculate LLC?
 The Reason I started Art Craft Emaculate Ent. was for the simple fact that i wanted to elevate my status in the underground scene and in the industry. I ve seen alot of dope artist through my 15 years of being in the game. and i always loved music especially beats, and i hear so many artist say that they have a hard time finding a producer they can rock with. And i felt that if I learned how to produce beats that i could be that guy everybody wanted to work with and come to. I taught my self how to make beats off of youtube videos and books, no schooling involved all self taught. And when i learned the beat part, then came shooting and editing videos, and eventually recording and mixing. And now that i have learned these new tools i could and use them for other artist who needed any service in those areas besides just learning it for myself. It was time to step my game.

🎼What Does The CEO of Art Craft Emaculate oversee on a daily basis?

I oversee the usual, all of my media sites of course, making sure that when business is being conducted that i have everything in order to go smoothly. Also love networking with other producers and artist to be up on anything new and learn. 

🎼How important is To Build Your Network in The Music Industry?
 It is very important to build your brand in the music industry. And to me its very simple and not that complicated. First invest in yourself, Second make time to practice your craft EVERYDAY it only makes you better. You have to go to different events in and outside your area, and keep a small circle of people with you or if you already have a foundation/team that understands the business not just the music.

🎼What Are Your Personal Viewpoints on The Current State Of Hip Hop? 
To me the game hasn't changed its just the players are different. So when u have different players things will change cause nobody plays the same. People get in a up roar about today's music saying it isn't real music or they wish it was like was back in the late 80's or 90's. Look im a 80's baby feel me?, And i remember a time when our parents and people in our neighborhood use to hear us playing nothing but rap outside on boom boxes or outside our apartment windows.  And even back then the older generation wasn't totally approving of the rap music we listened to, it was new and spreading like wild fire. and i feel like now that we are the older generation most of us are acting and doing the things that our folks did to us when we were coming up. Gotta give the youth a chance. I feel that music is universal and evolves everyday, plus it is an expression of a persons/people life story, triumphs and failures. And to me its no set way of making music to express that. I love artist like J Cole, Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar, and list goes on cause they are different and dope. So i feel Hip Hop is in a good state it does need some improvement on certain artist dress codes lol, but i love the potiential of where the game could go and is headed for the most part.

🎼Where Direction Do You See Your Brand Heading In The Next 2 or 5 Years?

In the next 2 to 5 years i want to eventually have a strong record label/distribution company not only in the U,S, but as well as Overseas not only for the mainstream artist but for the dope talent on the rise as well.

🎼Name The Most Important Musical Influences?  
 My most important Musical influences are Of Course Jay-Z,  just because of his business savvy alone he is at the top of the list for me. Dr. Dre because his beats to me still til this day are the best and he inspires me as a producer as well. And last but not least the Underground Hip Hop Heads and artist, because if it wasnt for them alot of the mainstream wouldnt of had the inspiration to do what they are doing now, hey we all started from the bottom and the underground scene is usually where it all begins.

🎼What Are Your Favorite Social Media Platforms to Spread The Word About Your Services? 
I use twitter alot, facebook, instagram, soundcloud, soundclick, and reverbnation. Those to me are good places to get your music spreaded all over.

🎼Do You Think Its Important To Expand Your Reach Into Overseas Markets & How will You Accomplish That?
Yes the overseas market is big and pays better than the U.S. And through continuous networking i will eventually tap into that market, But it is very important especially if u want to spread your brand.

🎼How Important is Having The Support of Your Family?

Family and Close friends supporting you is everything to me. A man is nothing without his family.

🎼Whats Your Prior Experience In Music? 
My previous experience in music was being on the artist side of music. I loved it, i traveled to different states made connections, met and worked with big time artist and had a few a and r's look my wayand won a underground award in 2010 for most potiential to blow. But i wanted to evolve beyond a artist so now im working on behind the scene moves more so than being a artist.


Monday, July 31, 2017

#NerveDJs Exclusive Hosted by #DJPyrex 'Year Of The Monster 2'

Presented by #AmericanMonsterGuild, #futureguru100, #NerveDJs, & #DJPyrex



Hot New Single #BlessOne 'No Choice' featuring #TamarBraxton

“Energy is Everything” to the artist Bless One,
 He's A Hip Hop and R&B artist whose passion derives from his intense desire to spread truth and 
love through his artistry. His experiences growing up in the streets of West Los Angeles is a direct narrative of just that. At a very young age he knew music was the only career path he wanted to take and never deviated from that path. He began music as his own form of therapy and uses it as a platform to share his perception of truth to the world. He found it to be an excellent way of expressing and communicating his thoughts and emotions with others.
  In less than a year, thanks to Bless One's mother Erica Carey and a supportive team who believed in his artistry, he was able to accomplish in the music industry what took others decades to accomplish. He has networked with major talent such as Floyd Mayweather, Too Short, Tamar Braxton, Vincent Herbert, Waka Flocka, and the list continues to grow. Everytime he steps in the booth he reminds us that he is truly something special, a legend in the making.
   Bless One currently has a smash new single entitled “NO CHOICE” with Tamar Braxton, which is her first hip hop record, and is currently climbing radio charts across the country (MEDIABASE) and is showing no signs of slowing up. He is currently working on his first album which is set to release August of 2017. 

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