Monday, January 7, 2019

#IndieGrindSpotlight on #Soope 'Aint No Sunshine' ft Joell Ortiz x Fred The Godson

Azad Music presents Soope f/ Joell Ortiz & Fred da Godson
 'Ain't No Sunshine'

Azad Watches of NYC, the once Lead Sponsor of the the Brooklyn Barclays Center is now emerging as the next vibrant Hip Hop Label, Azad Music. Located in the heart of New York City's Diamond District, Azad built a luxurious studio for it’s new creative team including Soope, Joell Ortiz, Fred the Godson, and legendary artist AZ. 
Together with the return of AZ, Azad Music is set to gain respect in the Hip Hop World.

Soope a midwest Native, known for his lyrical ingenuity vowed that 2019 will be filled with prolific new music every month, accompanied by videos that projects the team's creativity.

Soope stated, “I don’t think the game will see us coming...we have the swag of 2019 with lyrics of boom bap." Azad’s agenda is to provide Real Hip Hop to the many fans who are tired of silly

lines with unacceptable representations of the culture.

Azad Music’s first collaborated release is a track from Soope called 'Ain’t No Sunshine' featuring Joell Ortiz and Fred the Godson. The song is a preview of the greatness to come and
the video associated with it resembles a polished web series. 



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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

#IndieGrindSpotlight on RAN BLACC & XI da MC : '#TheBrotherhoodProject'

Straight Outta Las Vegas, Nevada RAN BLACC & XI Da MC are getting set to release 'The Brotherhood Project' under Crown Republik Entertainment.  It's a collection of 12 tracks and 1 bonus track & its sure to bring  you hours of listening pleasure. A few of my favorites are 'MAD', 'THE GOSPEL',  & 'GET UP' ft Honest Jaye.
 Those three tracks alone will show the listeners how talented & versatile these artists really are.
Great beat selections & impeccable mix and master sessions is sure to make this a classic album.

Ran Blacc is a very talented vocalist. He can sing you a dope hook or give you a solid 16 bars so I would definitely advise any Indie Artist looking to build their network on the West Coast to tap in with Crown Republik Entertainment. 
What i really like about this album is that it has a real G Funk sound to it -- no track sounds the same & they have delivered a project that  the listener can kick back & let play all the way thru. I'm a DJ so I will say the song sequence is flowing very nicely from 1 thru 13.

My bros put something on there for the ladies too so check out 'I LIKE' ft Sixx John & 'DREAM GIRL.' Another very important thing I like about the content of the project is that its not laced with a bunch of profanities & that means it can be played at the cook out w/ grandma & grandpa,  at the kids birthday party,  or just at the house party just kickin back.  Its really & truly some feel good music. 
By the way that Bonus Track is a Smash Hit.

Dropping Soon on All Streaming Platforms

Monday, December 24, 2018

#IndieGrindSpotlight on #UNG New Single '#WoodGrainGrippin''

New Music Coming Soon from #UNDENIABLYGENUINE
ft. Jaymee


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Saturday, December 22, 2018

#IndieGrindSpotlight on @Doughphresh Da Don New #MusicVideo 'CRAZY WORLD'


What distinguishes the Emcee from the rapper? 
It’s very simple really. 
The Emcee lives and breathes Hip-Hop culture. 
The Rapper lives for himself. 
The Emcee Seeks to elevate his skill through disciplined training. 
The rapper believes he has no more to learn. 

Doughpresh Da Don is an Emcee. 
Dough wrote his first rhyme at the age of 5. His big brother Supreme R.A. helped to light the fire that would consume his every waking thought: 
“Become the best" 
Never one to back down from a battle, Doughphresh Da Don continues to sharpen his lyrical sword on any unsuspecting rapper who‘s willing to take the abuse. Doughphresh Da Don means no dis-respect to those who represent Hip-Hop culture and it’s values to the fullest. But for those who use Hip-Hop as a means to get rich quick, and leave nothing of substance behind, Doughphresh Da Don says :
“All disrespect intended” 

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Saturday, December 15, 2018



Tom Gist is an legendary rap artist from Harlem, New York. He is one of The Diplomats’ many members, Definitely 1 of the most talented & versatile Dips he covers a lot of different subjects in his lyrics. 

He is also featured on JR Writer's new project 
'The Upstage' alongside HELL RELL,  40 CAL & my brotha A-MAFIA.