Monday, May 7, 2018

#MusclecarMondays 66 'Pontiac Lemans' 389 Tri-Power

389 tri-power
Lakewood, Washington

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Monday, April 16, 2018

#JazzMusic is Alive and Well with Phaze 2 :

Over the years, Washingtonians have been fortunate to witness with pride the extraordinary number of outstanding jazz groups that have sprung forth from our area. We have another bright star to get excited about, PHAZE II.” Bob Jenkins, Smooth Jazz 105.9. Since 1997, PHAZE II has been providing Smooth and Funky Jazz sounds on the local music scene in the Washington, DC area, by honing its craft of delivering quality music to their listeners. PHAZE II has embarked on a journey to show the world the many talents that this jazz band has to offer.
Determined to broaden their vision, PHAZE II entered the 13th Annual Capital Jazz Festival 2005 Capital Jazz Challenge Competition. This competition was sponsored by Washington DC’s Smooth Jazz 105.9 and Baltimore, Maryland’s Smooth Jazz 104.3. The final competition consisted of 6 bands chosen from 600 competition entries. Phaze II was chosen the winners of the competition received a monetary contribution and had the opportunity to open the next day on the Capital Jazz Festival’s main stage.
PHAZE II has since performed at the Capital Jazz Festival for the past seven years with other national acts at the Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Maryland. This jazz ensemble has also been fortunate to back up various national artists such as; Regina Belle, El DeBarge, MeL'isa Morgan, Jackiem Joyner, Marcus Anderson, Gail Jhonson, Althea Renee, Paul Taylor, BK Jackson, Cindy Bradley, Bob Baldwin, Shelby Brown, Tony Exum Jr, Frank McComb, Lynn Fiddmont, Lori Jenaire, Kevin Whalum and Lin Roundtree just to name a few. Phaze II has now become a very sought after band for artist when they come to perform in the Washington, DC area. In 2001, PHAZE II released its first CD entitled, Options, which Smooth Jazz 105.9 radio personality, Al Santos, described as a very credible debut CD. The Options CD embraced creativity, powerful producing, collaboration, and above all, the musical gift that each band member offers. Backtalk, the sophomore CD released in 2004, has unique style and versatile sounds that range from Latin Jazz to R&B. In 2010 Phaze released Live N Uncut a live CD/DVD set. This project was released to give one the visual along with the audio of what a Phaze II live performance is like! Their current CD Live In Anaheim was released in August 2013. This CD was recorded at the 2013 NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA. This was truly a great experience for Phaze II being it was their first trip to the west coast. Phaze II is currently working on their 5th CD due to be released later on this year.


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Contact: Adrian Norton & Steve Perkins - Managers
Phaze II Jazz P.O Box 29313 Washington, DC 20017
Phone: 240-475-1515 or 202-251-9687 Email:

Friday, April 6, 2018

#IndieGrindSpotlight on KID CAROLINA New Mixtape NAPPY ROOTS

Kid Carolina aims to inspire others with new mixtape while also highlighting his hometown.

GREENVILLE, NC – Treyvon Spruill – AKA Kid Carolina – has a mantra he lives by and which permeates all of his music: DEMOW. It stands for Doing Everything My Own Way. It’s a message he hopes to spread around the world – one that tells others that they should feel free to chase their dreams and ignore anyone who tries to bring them down. For those who adhere to this mantra and want to join the movement he’s creating, he considers them part of his GANG (Going Against Normal Guidelines). And he’s sending a shout-out to that gang with his new single, “Crew.”
“It’s a song that shows how important it is to have people who support you around you,” Kid Carolina said. “It’s a song about how important it is to show respect to your peers and how to celebrate accomplishments and have a good time. It’s shedding light on people you have fun with and share success with and have a good time with. It’s definitely an upbeat, party song. And to be honest, when I first got the track I didn’t know which way I was gonna go with it. Initially it wasn’t a track I would have selected as a debut single. But I let my people listen to it – as well as others in the industry whom I respect – and everyone said it was a hit. So – just like the song says – My team’s honesty is a big part of my decision making. I like to keep positive energy around.”
The single is the first off an upcoming mixtape that Kid Carolina is calling “Nappy Roots,” which he is releasing under his independent label, DEMOW Music. He hopes to launch a Nappy Roots promotional tour this summer, starting in Los Angeles. Like his stage name, the project is one that he hopes will highlight the unique talent and originality that flows out of his home state of North Carolina. The mixtape is slated to drop on April 20.
“it’s a mixture of hip-hop and R&B influences, but it’s very melodic,” Kid Carolina said of the forthcoming mixtape. “It’s something that everyone can relate to. Being from the struggle, I’m writing music about how you have to build something every day, in some way, just to learn who you are. And once you know who you are, you can tackle the things that will help you to become a better you. It’s a project that serves as a fusion of the two worlds I bring together and the way I do it – my very Southern influences and the different eras of hip-hop and R&B that I like to draw from. And at the end of the day it’s a project that is just musically gathering the people together. I want them to get inspiration from it. When you set yourself to do something and focus on it, you can get it done – no matter what anyone else says. Music happens to be my thing, and I would hope to use my music to bring inspiration to do everything your way and be cool with the way you see things in your life.”
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#IndieGrindSpotlight on MR. MINCE New Single 'WINE YA BODY' feat. SAFAREE

JACKSONVILLE, FL – After a stellar career in the NFL – including playing in a Super Bowl and earning DALLAS 2014 DEFENSIVE MVP for the Dallas Cowboys – Jeremy “Mr. Mince” Mincey is pursuing his second-greatest passion in life: music.
Music has been a part of his life almost as long as football. At age 13, he would join his cousin then watch super producer Fat Boi at Pure Pain Records in Savannah Georgia as he record new music. It was an experience that left an imprint on his life, and he soon found himself writing music and creating beats of his own between football practice and workouts. All throughout his NFL career he was known for his musical talent in the locker room, and even dabbled with music from time-to-time on the side, but it wasn’t until he retired from the NFL that he began to take his music career seriously.
His first album, “Just Work,” is the culmination of many months of hard work. It’s an album that includes some of the singles he’s released over the past couple of years since his NFL retirement, as well as some new tracks he’s created.
The standout single from the album is “Wine Ya Body,” featuring a friend and fellow musician, Safari. It’s a song that has already garnered Mr. Mince some international interest, with radio spins in multiple countries and across many states of the U.S. To date, Mr. Mince’s music has seen more than 43 million plays on his Soundcloud account, which he recently refurbished. He describes the song as a “reggae/dance-hall type of record” that could “really take things to the next level.”
“I’m a universal artist,” he said. “I try to relate to as many people as I can – from other musicians to philanthropists to business people. I’m just an advocate for good music without kissing ass in this industry. I already have my own money from my career in the NFL, so I have the machine in place to work on these projects. And my music is original. I don’t use samples – I’m just making original, classic music for people of all ages. My music is for everybody. I try my best to relate to everybody by speaking on inspiration and good times, and touching on the hardships of life. But it isn’t always about hardships. It’s about bonding with people and being real with who you are. That’s what music should be, anyway. I’m tired of the gimmicks. I want people to be who they are and live out their God-given character.”
Mr. Mince is releasing the album under his independent label, Mr. Mince Productions, distributed by Priority. A remix of “Wine Ya Body” is slated to drop on April 6, while the full album is already available for download on all digital distribution sites.

'Wine' Ya Body ft Safaree 
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Thursday, April 5, 2018

#IndieGrindSpotlight on Tatiana Jade New Single ' Shady AF'

Timely topic behind ‘Shady AF’ illustrates Tahtiana Jade’s timeless qualities

SAN FRANSICO, CA – It’s no secret to Tahtiana Jade’s friends and family that she’s a hopeless romantic. It shows in her life, it shows in her passions, and most of all it shows in her music. She’s put together a young career based off songs that talk about love and relationships in general – and she’s been quite successful with those songs to date. But her newest single, “Shady AF,” is a bit of a departure from what she’s become known for and is somewhat of a statement from her to the world that she has depth behind her words and that her music can motivate others in bigger and broader ways.
The song is a trap/hip-hop influenced pop song that’s upbeat and immediately grabs the attention of anyone who hears the opening bars. It’s a song that she actually initially wrote a few years ago and then put on the shelf, but which she has pulled out because of the recent movements against sexual harassment – such as “Times Up” and “Me Too.”
“It’s a song about a couple of different things, but essentially it’s about women being shady and catty with me,” Tahtiana said. “And it’s about experiences I’ve had in the industry with sexual harassment. It’s a song that ties in really well with what’s going on now and puts a spotlight on some of the shady scenarios I’ve unfortunately been a part of.”
Like most of her other music, “Shady AF” is a song that Tahtiana wrote, produced, played instruments for, sang and recorded all on her own. As such she considers herself to be a female artist who is the “complete package” – one who stands out from other female artists in the industry because of that diverse skill-set. She also said her unique sound and style are different than anything else on the radio right now, though it is a sound that is current and fits with the time and overall landscape of the music industry.
Though she’s hesitant to label her music into one genre, she said if she had to put a word to her music she’d choose the word “Timeless.”
“That’s what I want people to think of my music: that it’s timeless,” she said. “If this single is played in a club now, I think it could still be relevant in five years. It’s talking about scenarios that happen all the time. The beats hit hard. The lyrics are timeless. And that’s ultimately what I want my music to have: a timeless feel to it. And that’s why you can’t really put it in a box.”
Tahtiana said she hopes that the next five years of her career help to establish her as an artist similar to those she has long looked up to – women such as Aaliyah, Lauryn Hill, Rhianna, Beyonce, Adele and Pink … all artists who are “women who stand for female empowerment and make really good music.”
“Shady AF” is currently available across all digital distribution sites and will be the first single off an upcoming EP, which she hopes to release this summer. To listen to Tahtiana Jade’s music, or to follow her on social media, please visit:
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#IndieGrindSpotlight on TEACH New Single 'PETA PIPA' feat. Jaguar & Marv

TACOMA, WA – Professional skateboarder turned musician Brandon “TEACH” Lomax is set to launch his first full studio album later this spring. “Have A Good Day” is slated to drop by the end of May and will feature 13-to-16 songs that are all about “spreading positivity and helping uplift people.”
For the past decade, TEACH has been a professional skateboarder – complete with sponsors and his own line of gear in stores all over the country. He recently finished a pro tour, which was unfortunately cut short due to a broken ankle. But the down time has given him an opportunity to focus on his second passion in life: music. Having grown up with a musical family – his father was a musician who traveled the country and introduced his son to some influential people in the industry – TEACH has always had a foundation in music. But it wasn’t until high school that he really started exploring his own voice. His skills as a skateboarder and as a musician almost went hand-in-hand – with his music serving as an autobiographical account of his journey through life, told through the parks and professional venues in which he found himself competing. So it makes sense that his first album will be an introspective look at his life, with lyrics and vibes that he hopes will connect with others who are seeking something to uplift them from the hardships of life.
“I’m a believer in spreading positivity and helping uplift people,” TEACH said. “Because of that, I tend to say ‘Have a good day’ a lot – like when I’m hanging up the phone or just walking away from somebody after a conversation. I just want to leave them with a good, positive vibe in the air. There is a lot of negativity and distractions out there in the world that keep us from being better and growing. And with this project I really wanted to focus on instilling into people that they can be something – that everybody has a purpose on this earth. And at the end of the day I hope everyone has a good day.”
As fans listen to it, TEACH said he fully expects to take listeners on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. He explores various relationship dynamics – from first love to breakups. And he uses the roots of grunge from his home state of Washington as the backbone of his unique sound – which he calls grunge hip-hop. But his fashion sense and style don’t always match the type of music that he creates, which often turns heads, he said.
“When people hear me or see me, I tend to turn heads,” he said. “I wear skinny jeans, but my music is very hip-hop and lyrical. I stand out on my own. Everything from my style is relatable. Everything out of my mouth and everything I do is genuine and myself.”
“Peta Pipa” is the first single from the album “Have a Good Day” and it is now available on all digital download sites. TEACH said it’s a song that is more of a “catchy club vibe that is made to get people to loosen up.” He thinks the song is perfect to introduce his new album with and he’s excited for a wider audience to hear it.

#IndieGrindSpotlight on Singer/Songwriter Goddess Daye New EP 'Ear Therapy'

Goddess Daye combines neo-soul with hip-hop and Gospel roots to deliver original sound

EAST ORANGE, NJ – Goddess Daye is a musician whose artistry is wide and diverse. A singer who knows how to rap and express herself through poetry, Goddess Daye is one of those one-of-a-kind artists who sets the tone for a generation and whose voice inspires change in the lives of people worldwide.

Her new EP, “Ear Therapy,” is a testament to the power of her words and music. A mixture of neo-soul, hip-hop and Gospel, the project incorporates a little bit of every influence from her life – from relationships to faith to cultural and societal issues.

“I want to step out of the box of what’s being heard in the now and focus on what’s deeper,” she said of the EP. “A lot of our music today only goes on the surface, but to go deeper than the surface always touches home. I’ve found that there are different types of copying through life, and for most people the ear and our sense of hearing is one of the first steps toward helping with a therapeutic way of coping with life. Combining music with that healing ‘Ear Therapy’ makes sense to me.”

The project will feature eight songs and is available for download across all digital distribution sites. The first single from the EP is a song called “Stand Up,” featuring Billboard P. The song was written and performed by Goddess Daye and produced by Young Roc – with a music video for the single directed by Bill Workz. The song is one that she says is about “standing up for what you feel is right and what you believe in and not standing still.”

“Walk for what you feel it’s right,” she said, “whether that’s poverty and doing something about it, or really anything that involved taking a stand in a positive way. This song examines that idea through a mixture of a lot of genres – neo-soul, spoken word … I even do a little scatting in there. It’s like old-school scat mixed with a new-school feel. And there’s some hip-hop in there. I would compare it to Jill Scott and the way she scats, with some Lauryn Hill on the vibe of it, and a little bit of Queen Latifa on the message.”

Goddess Daye elaborated on the message of the song, saying it’s based on the oft-overlooked “poisons” of society and how too many people shrug those things off without doing anything about them. The music video, for instance, highlights the problem of poverty in the U.S., and how apathetic many people are in their view of the issue.

At the end of the day this single, like all of her music, is something that she hopes connects with a wide range of people and inspires them in ways they may have never considered before.

“I just want them to get it,” she said. “Everybody goes through bad things, and music is the way to get through those times, in my experience. No matter what bad situation you’re going through, if you listen to a word or two I say – or a beat or frequency – and it helps, then I’m happy. I always go off a vibe when I create music, and I hope five-to-10 years from now the vibe I set sticks.”

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