Thursday, January 20, 2011

STEVE JENNINGS a.k.a. @SteelSouls & Jai Kavani CEO of Kavani Clothing

Steve Jennings a.ka. 'BLACK JOHNNY BLAZE' is doing it BIG in New Jersey for entrepreneurs interested in networking & establishing their brand. He is the manager of BARRISTER CIGARS in Union, New Jersey & provides a place where business people can relax in a great atmosphere & build business relationships. He is pictured above with the CEO of @KavaniClothing Jai Kavani & the Kavani Clothing TEAM. Visit the Kavani Clothing website today and see the latest fashions.
Follow @SteelSouls on TWiTTER today & check his updates to find out more about the upcoming events.

The 'BLACK JOHNNY BLAZE' also has a very interesting HELL RAISER website that you can see & tell your friends about. Click the links today to find out more.

See the Kavani Clothing logo below & contact futureguru100 for more info.

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