Thursday, February 3, 2011


Bad Girl Radio is an all female radio show that was established in January of 2009. The hosts of the show (Erica “Lady Kingpin” Albizu, Alicia “Ms. Gooding” Gooding, and Angelica “Angie” Albizu) as well as their team are known as the Bad Girls. Bad Girl Radio came about to unify and showcase talented women in different industries, but also to provide a platform for all up and coming artists to broadcast their music and be heard. The first radio station the Bad Girl Show was featured on was The Joynt (99.3FM), after a year they moved their radio show to Mix1620 (1620AM). As the Bad Girls buzz began to grow, they began to realize, that their movement and their message was bigger than themselves and that they should use this new found spotlight to showcase all talents and POSITIVE movements going on throughout New Jersey. Now in 2011, The Bad Girls are not only on-air personalities, they host artist showcases, events, and parties. They also are very involved in their communities. The Bad Girls do not stand for all things bad, they actually represent what they believe society doesn’t expect them to be; sexy yet smart, aggressive yet classy, women yet leaders. All of the girls have separate dreams and goals and are pursuing them actively on the side, but one thing they all share is their love for the radio.

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