Tuesday, May 17, 2011


A passionate young man is THE CHANGE. He is very persistent with his talent. He struck out to prove he is the one that is going to bring the change that is so needed in this evolving industry. Cut throat as he knows it is he's ready to go at a moments notice to show the world he is made for this. Proving it every time he records a new record or performs at a new venue always leaving the crowd in either one of two ways excited that this young man just gave them there monies worth or silenced by the quality of his music and stage presence not knowing how to react. He is powerful, passionate and energetic and he can calm down the rowdiest crowd with the shift of his vocal tone. He demands respect because he is always giving it. THE CHANGE has been paying his dues for the past six years polishing, perfecting, testing his craft on the streets gaining plenty of respect well deserved, but now it's time for this man to take another step forward and take it to the world.

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