Thursday, September 1, 2011


From tragedy to a courageous and determined uprising begins a new dimension of Music by Lady Gi. Lady Gi born in Okinawa, Japan (Korean descent) was inspired to compose after the death of her youngest son. Moved to write about the emotions and experiences regarding the challenges and obstacles of her life, Lady Gi began a new genre of music. This became an expression and release from the anger and pain of her life, but turned into a pusuit of joy and an incredible step into her destiny. Lady Gi released her first single in October of 2010 tittled "Top Chopped Off" the remix of "Rockin with the Gi". She has performed in battle of the bay, full moon saloon, and her third stage performance was opening for Young Jeezy at Jainis Landin in Oct of 2010. She has a cd tittled "Rockin with the Gi" along with a video on you tube for her come out song "Rocking with the Gi". We are apprehensively awaiting the mixed tape she is doing with DJ Knucles and two new videos she is working on. Those looking for a new swag, and new style...look no further, Lady Gi is here!!!

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