Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Meet Marvin 'Shadi" Powers : PR/Entertainment Marketing/Consultant//Social Media Expert
For the last 16 years, Shadi had to make his bones in the South. He ran one of the most historical record stores in Atlanta owned by his brother from another mother, Marco, called Tapemasters. From there he built a strong relationship and rapport with unknown djs and artists of the up and coming of the mid to late 90's like DJ Drama, DJ Mars, Don Cannon, Young Jeezy, Gorilla Zoe and many more, who are now the who's who of Atlanta's Black Hollywood. One fateful day, he met a rapper named Gucci Mane and from the day they met, both their lives were forever changed. He ran the rapper's first label, La Flare Entertainment and helped break the seminal hit record "So Icy" that became the swan song for Gucci's career. But being God's will, Gucci and Shadi went their separate ways shortly after the record broke. The next project he helped break was Montana Da Mac, another hit record, "Do The Rock Man", released on Koch Records. He also started his own company in 2005 called DirtySouthHipHop. Underground acts like Al Biggz and Khia have had the services and experience of Shadi and DirtySouthHipHop to help bring their respective campaign movement to structure and to more triumphs under his watch. He started his own internet radio show in 2008 and he's currently a writer and producing video news content for Hip Hop Weekly magazine and penning a memoir titled Bucket Of Naked . Today he is a born again Christian after studying Islam, his whole life and all his trials and tribulations are his testimony to friends, family, and clients. Marvin Shadi Powers is one of the "most known unknown" industry vets in Atlanta.
As a recording artist he spent 11 yrs in the industry in NY and NJ under the name Romeo Black signed to Select Records along side KidNPlay &  Chubb Rock.

 Specialties: Music Industry vet; Artist Management & Developement; Consultant & Journalist.



 Owned by Marvin 'Shadi" Powers DirtySouthHipHop.com is social media site that has something for everyone who loves news, music, videos, movies, hot models and major events involving the hiphop culture and the business of hiphop entertainment.

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