Wednesday, July 22, 2015


FEENiX is widely known as a female recording artist/songwriter. She has received great honors from astonishing businesses, people, and organizations in each of these categories.
In 2012 she won Female Artist Rookie of the Year at the Tri-City Real Scene Hip Hop Music Awards. In that same year she was nominated for two Grip Grammy Awards, one for Artist of the Year and, one for Single of the Year for her single “Power of the P”. In 2012, FEENiX was also featured in Blockz Magazine as the "Artist Spotlight". 
She knows how to capture a crowd and entertain to the highest degree. She has attained much success since beginning her career as a recording artist/songwriter. FEENiX is a young, innovative, fresh face who is spreading her trends, lyrics, insight, and energetic personality all over the world. She is the face of the future.

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