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The 1967 GTO changed little in appearance from the '66 model, but the newer car had a chrome mesh texture in the grille, revised rocker panel trim that now covered the bottom part of the doors and new taillights that consisted of four narrow rectangles on either side of the car. Also available were new five-spoke "Rally II" wheels. That's all minor stuff. But mechanically, the car changed for the better in many ways.
Most significant of those changes was an engine enlargement to 400 cubic inches (though it was otherwise still the old 389). A low-compression, two-barrel economy version of the 400 was available, producing just 255 hp, but the standard four-barrel engine was still rated at 335 hp, while a new high-output (HO) 400, still with a four-barrel Quadra Jet carb, carried a 360-hp rating. Beyond that lay the 400 HO Ram Air, also rated (conservatively) at 360 hp. The Tri-Power option was gone.
Among the other changes for '67 was a new three-speed automatic transmission that could be operated manually through a Hurst "dual-gate" shifter. Additionally, a hood-mounted tach was now available, and front disc brakes hit the options sheet.
A healthy 81,722 GTOs were built in '67, with 7,029 of those pillared coupes, 65,176 hardtops and 9,517 convertibles. Of those cars, only 2,967 had the lackluster two-barrel 400, 13,827 got the 400 HO and just 751 were Ram Air equipped. If you want a rare GTO, look for a '67 Ram Air convertible. Only 56 were built.

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