Monday, June 13, 2011


Chan graduated from being a critic of the art to being the artist. While in high school, he invested in a key board and drum machine and began making beats around the clock. He went on to produce the popular late 80‟s street single “Chalk Line” by Lo Down. But Chan would not stick around long enough to bask in the success from his break thru song. He decided to pack up and serve in the military. I really wanted to travel and have life experiences.
Today, with a major in Audio Engineering, Big Chan is a self proclaimed “one man band.” Doing business as Armored Sound Productions, he has produced for southern underground favorites, Crews Coleon of Alabama, CL Castro out of Tennessee, Ohio‟s Kool Kardi and Tennessee‟s newest female lyricist FinessDaBoss. Big Chan can be found in the studio making beats daily, but if he is not there, he is online studying production tutorials to enhance his knowledge of the industry. Music and producing music runs through my veins. It always has and it always will.

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